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Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide and develop you in an area of their knowledge, skills and expertise that you are seeking to grow within yourself.

Our Mentoring Hub is designed to support developing our West Midlands NHS workforce talent to help them in reaching their leadership and management potential, as well as offering relationships to develop you within leadership related technical expertise, such as Organisational Development.

You may be seeking out mentoring for a variety of reasons, for example:

  • Executive Mentoring: you may be an aspiring Executive Director and have identified the need to be supported and challenged by an experienced Executive Director to develop you to be ready to take on an executive position.
  • Supporting you in a new leadership role: you may have been appointed to a senior operations manager role and want the support of an experienced senior operational manager to help you deal with the new challenges you are facing within the role.
  • Wider sector perspectives: you could have spent your career within acute hospitals and need a mentor to help you to understand the leadership challenges within the community.
  • Gaining technical specialist skills: you could simply require someone experienced in the field of organisational development to impart their skills and knowledge of this specialist area to help to develop your leadership and organisational skills and capabilities.

Our mentors are recruited from various experience levels from Managers through to Executives and System/Regional Leaders They will have a background in one or more specific specialist areas (e.g. Operational Management, Nursing, HR&OD, Finance, Medicine etc.) and will have worked in one or more different sectors of the NHS, the wider health and care system, or even the private sector.

Mentoring Hub is provided at no cost to mentees who work in NHS organisations or in organisations which have contact with our patients (for example, hospices, mental health charities and similar) in the West Midlands. All mentors are working in some capacity in NHS organisations or the wider healthcare system across the West Midlands and provide their services at no cost. Our mentors are offered personal development to enable them to be effective in developing your as part of your career development.

If you would like a more detailed conversation on how mentoring could help you, please contact our West Midlands Leadership Academy team: leadership@wm.hee.nhs.uk.

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